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Founder – Jeremiah Otis

Jeremiah Otis From Fort Albany First Nation Ontario started working with Feathers of Hope a branch of the Ontario Child Advocate office in 2014 after attending the Youth Justice forum. Jeremiah was a representative for the Mushkegowuk Region speaking on behalf of youth regarding the issues they face eventually speaking at the Gladue Conference directly confronting policymakers on the validity of the Gladue System. Jeremiah started working as a facilitator for several other forums working on music and storytelling development workshops. In 2017 Jeremiah developed a peer-to-peer support network to aid the community dealing with the previous year’s Suicide crisis in Fort Albany. In 2016 Jeremiah formally started doing music under the name J.Otis creating the first rap group mad squad, an indigenous youth rap group based out of Fort Albany.

Jeremiah Otis aka J.Otis From Fort Albany First Nation Ontario is our first residency artist and founder. Starting his music career in 2015 J.Otis started the local rap group Mad Squad with other local indigenous rappers in the area which met its unfortunate end in 2017 leaving J. Otis is to start working seriously on his solo career.

After moving to Toronto in 2019 Jeremiah formally developed the program “Healing through music” to aid children with their crisis through the power of music to give them a sense of community again. During this time Jeremiah started working in a larger capacity doing vocal engineering for himself and numerous artists. 

As an Artist, Vocal Engineer and Youth Advocate Jeremiah has been a pillar in his community and has a large presence in the indigenous community as an established artist. Jeremiah musical roots come from listening to Tupac and Nas back in his childhood which greatly influenced his earlier songs like “The Reasons”. Now Jeremiah is in his experimental phase showing the world what he’s capable of with his new tracks like “No Option” and “Hollywood”. 

After moving back to Fort Albany Jeremiah became a frontline community worker on the flood watch transitioning to the pandemic support team. In 2020 Jeremiah enrolled in Algonquin college’s music engineering and business program with the ambitions of taking his recording company 67 records worldwide.

Currently, Jeremiah is hustling hard to build the foundation of 67 Records and an A-list Team of marketers, engineers, and artists.


Artist & Producer

Lewis Koosees

Koosey is an indigenous artist/producer/engineer from a small town called Fort Albany First Nation (reservation 67). 

Koosey started his music journey in 2017, making his first-ever beat in a small run-down shack used for traditional ceremonies. 

Over time, he started taking his music more seriously as he started to realize how much potential he really has. In 2020, Koosey started his professional career as an artist featuring on a track called Unstable. 

In 2021, Koosey started his mentorship underneath Jeremiah Otis to become a music engineer, in 2022 he officially became a certified music engineer.

Koosey specializes in the genres of Pop, RnB, and Hip Hop. He brings his tracks to life with unique sounding synths and ambient sounds, that create a unique sounding aesthetic for listeners worldwide.



Wordsmith from Mobile (pronounced “Moe-bill”), Alabama, Ink Da Amp is here to deliver rhythm and rhymes! He has crawled through the underground of the Alabama rap scene, earning his reputation as a ferocious emcee who incinerates production with ease. Ink embodies the qualities of a great hip hop artist from the South. He is able to navigate boom and breaks while bringing richness to storytelling and breathes life into the characters in his tales. A balance between philosophy and action can be found in bars, telling it like it is while encouraging people to aspire for better. Ink Da Amp is not here to uphold the norm, but puts the ball in each listener’s hands to define their own world and make their own decisions for their lives. If it’s one thing you should understand about Ink, he’s not here for the fame, He’s an extreme hobbyist who is purely here for the culture of being a great artist and delivering a memorable experience for the consumers. Easy to work with and almost always sporting that signature grin, Ink Da Amp is here to make sure everyone knows the traditions of southern hip hop excellence continues strong.  



Moyan Kuhne a Beatmaker from Germany, Cologne, and I’ve been making beats for about 1 and a half years now. I’m studying Psychology and in my free time, I make beats and play basketball. 



Hi there! My name is Finn. I am 19 years old and live in Amsterdam. When working on music my name is: ClovisBeats. I’ve always had a great love for music while growing up. Micheal Jackson and Eminem were childhood heroes of mine (they still are). During school, music was the one and only thing that really kept me going. Teachers, books and future career plans couldn’t bother me at all. About two years ago, a friend introduced me to FL Studio and it grabbed me right away. My inner fire was lit. Every day after school I would jump on my dad’s laptop and began messing around.  I played my new beats and my friend gave me tips on how to improve. I couldn’t stop anymore. In 2020 I graduated from high school and took a gap year. And that’s when the pandemic hit. I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to really take producing seriously. I locked myself in my room, in the world of beats, and began a part-time education on producing. I know this is my world. This is what I love, what I want. The satisfaction I get from making my own beats and songs is like nothing else. It is my way of expression. It gives me energy and fuels me in my daily life. That’s why I’m really grateful to be a part of this project! For the future, I hope we can keep working together, and keep doing what we love. Because what’s better than making a living out of your passion? I wouldn’t know… 

67 records

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