67 Records is an Indigenous Owned Record Label based in Fort Albany First Nations Ontario Canada. Built by Jeremiah Otis aka J.Otis and this team of talented individuals. We plan to become a pillar in the community setting a new standard of vertical integrated services for both production and promotion providing our artist direct support from our close nit team to help them gain a global presence. 

Our vision is to build the best record label built by artist for Artist. Stepping away from major labels and Corporations to hand over the power back into the hands of our talented artist. We want a world in which artist have full creative freedom to produce and don’t have to worry about the corporate hierarchy owning their lives and sounds.

Our aim is to gain a global presence in numerous foreign markets including: UK, Caribbean, Africa and lastly the Americas. We want to show artist how easy it is to gain a global following rather than focusing on gaining traction in already over-saturated markets. Our team handpicks our artist collaborations and residencies to ensure that each of our clients gets the most of our services and team.

Global Skies Media is our international marketing wing we use to share our artist projects on the global stage. Tackling foreign markets to help grow our 67 Records Family.

67 records

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