Weeds Music Video – workshop 2

Sorry for the long delay. We had a major COVID-19 Outbreak in Fort Albany that causes J.Otis to be stranded from work but after 3 long months, we present the second video from Healing Through Music 2021!

Straight from the roads of Fort Albany, Weeds is a gut punch and a heart song to contemporary Rez life. Unlike Firemakers, Weeds is a more laid-back song talking about the mind of the youth of Fort Albany First Nations and the struggles they go through. Featuring 2 unnamed artists Weeds talks about the struggles of mental health and the pressure of growing up in a reserve.

The workshop holds space for youth to create, hang out, vent, eat, and be there for each other. ArtsCan Circle opens pathways of opportunities for First Nations, Innu, Inuit, and Métis youth to collaborate with artists, access instruments and artistic tools, and share their stories through creative expression. Our mission is to confront the multiple realities and inequalities facing First Nations, Innu, Inuit, and Métis youth in remote, Northern communities. To convey one clear message to the youth: You are valued and your voices are important.


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